homeimageWelcome to Our goal is to see you happy in your new home, now and for generations to come. It will last that long. When we say, small log homes, we're talking about 400 Sq Ft to 1400 Sq Ft. To see how efficient this space can be, look at our floor plans page. You'll see that adding a half loft or daylight basement easily doubles or triples your square footage. Our floor plans vary and the if it's a large log home you want we can do that too. It's easy to make changes in your floor plan so you get exactly what you want. We can even build the home of your dreams and the cost of these changes? Not a penny more. You decide exactly what you want and we build it for you, it's that simple.

We build our homes with whole logs that are hand peeled and notched for a perfect fit. We take our time to ensure that quality because we wouldn't be happy with ourselves if we didn't. We like to offer a product that is an artisan level of achievement. We're that serious about our business. If you're wondering what the difference is between using whole logs and getting a "milled log package" just click on our FAQs page and see exactly what that difference is.

Offering small log homes was an idea created out of the need for housing that don't cost a small fortune. Think you can't afford a hand crafted log home? Having designed and built log homes for thirty years, Ron Hummel, owner of has achieved what some consider an artisan level of building. Living in a log home gives your family a feeling that is beyond description. If it's a good feeling you want when you step into your log home, let us create it for you. Your dream is just an email away.

A green log home company? Absolutely. uses dead standing trees in forests ravaged by the Pine Bark Beetle. Beetle killed trees are becoming more abundant in areas affected by global warming because the beetle now spreads across the country to previously frozen areas in winter. The result? Usable whole logs, often too small for larger sized log homes. These dead standing trees in their increasing numbers, provide perfect tinder for forest fires. When removed, remaining live trees and homes nearby have a stronger chance of surviving devastating fires. By taking out these trees from the forest and not cutting down living trees, it's easy to see how forests can be sustained for generations to come. Some people ask, "Aren't homes made with beetle killed trees weaker and less reliable than cutting down living trees?" No, that's the beauty of it. When a living tree is burrowed into by the bark beetle it blocks nutrients to the the tree, killing the tree but leaving the strength of the log intact. Structurally, a log home which is cared for by properly is stronger than most "stick built" houses which use today's standard building practices. The beauty and glowing coziness of a small log home and the living trees nearby is a combination large log homes companies cannot match. Did you ever think you could have a log home that didn't kill a single living tree to build? We have.